The South African Institution Of Civil Engineering (SAICE)

The South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) was founded in January 1903 in Cape Town as the Cape Society of Civil Engineers. During 1910 it became a national body and its name was changed to the South African Society of Civil Engineers. It assumed its present designation in 1948.

SAICE fulfils a threefold purpose:
1.1 The promotion of the dissemination of knowledge of the art and science of civil engineering in all its aspects

1.2 The advancement of the profession

1.3 The protection of the justifiable interests of its members.

As the only recognised professional association to further the interests and promote the study and science of civil engineering, SAICE speaks for the civil engineering profession:
1.1 As a whole

1.2 Serves as a focal point through which the profession addresses common problems

1.3 Provides an articulate voice for the profession collectively whenever and wherever this should be heard.

As an independent, autonomous body, SAICE acts in any matter it deems appropriate in the furtherance of its general objectives and specific activities.


  • Country: South Africa