Connecting the Nation One Road at a Time

The journey of SANRAL began in the hands of President Nelson Mandela in 1998 becoming the biggest State Owned Enterprise in South Africa. Throughout its 18 years SANRAL has become a symbol of dreams, perseverance and improvement.

Roads represent a journey, a connection and a destination. In each and every one of these phases SANRAL is present,joining one village to a town, one town to a city and one city to a nation.

The South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL) is responsible for the management of the national roads, amounting to 21 451km of a total South African road network of 750 000km. The journey along the 21 451km road has led to economic growth, tourism, social development and the creation of economic opportunities. The national freeway is an integrated transport solution that adds value to the surrounding infrastructure, improve the quality of commuters and sustain the economy of South Africa contributing to its future growth.

While continuing to maintain and expand the national road network, SANRAL supports its broader commitments to social development by creating job opportunities for communities, conducting skills training and providing education through its investment in people. For the past year SANRAL has awarded 223 contracts to the value of R14.4 billion for construction, improvement and maintenance of roads.

SANRAL has had the honour of being named Top Employer in the 2014/2015 financial year by the Top Employers Institute. The Netherlands based independent organisation surveys employers and their employee conditions in South Africa and measures them against international standards.

SANRAL has proved to be an important contributor in keeping South Africa’s economic hub moving, providing users with a smoother and safer journeys.


  • Country: South Africa



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