This year PPS is celebrating the power of professional thinking for 75 years. It’s a story of accomplishments, possibilities and what the right kind of thinking can do over time. Time is a valuable asset. When spent wisely, the possibilities are endless. We can build unbelievable structures and develop cures that can save millions – all that a professional needs is time. But with it comes uncertainty. This is where the power of professional thinking becomes invaluable.

At PPS our approach is unique - different to any other financial services group in South Africa. We have no external shareholders. We share all our profits with our members through their Profit-Share Accounts – sharing R21.6 billion with our members over the last 10 years alone. Over this time we’ve also introduced several innovative product offerings, tailor-made for professionals.

Our focus is on long-term well-being for our members, ensuring their health, wealth and security. We are truly a company that is ONLY there to serve its members. The PPS Story is about professional thinking over time, it’s a celebration of possibilities, and time well spent on ensuring that professionals have the peace of mind to focus on what they do best.


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