Matchdeck – the business matching network

What is Matchdeck?

Matchdeck is re-inventing the way companies interact with and do business with each other.

Our matching engine uses semantic web technology to match companies based on their business goals. Once matched, companies connect with each other directly on our platform and this removes the need for more traditional forms of B2B marketing.

Matchdeck matches companies up and down the global supply chain and helps you establish new customer relationships and partnerships.

How does it work?

Matchdeck works by developing a data profile or ‘semantic fingerprint’ of your company and then uses matching algorithms to connect you with other companies. The fingerprint contains information such as where the company operates, what products or services you sell, what markets you want to enter and what types of business relationships you are looking to establish.

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What do companies use us for?

Companies both large and small use us to find new suppliers, distributors, agents, retailers and partners.
They use us to find buyers for their products and services or even to lease and rent goods and property.

Tell us who you want to do business with and we’ll match you instantly.



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