Afrisam South Africa

'Afri' refers to our proud African heritage and the sub-Saharan African countries in which we operate. 'Sam' comes from the word samente or disamente which means cement in six of South Africa's official languages. In essence we are all about African Cement.

The company’s approach to business is encompassed in three core values:

People: In recognition of the reality that people are what make the business, we strive to conduct our day-to-day business dealings and communication with integrity and in a professional, courteous and honest manner.

Planet: We are responsible for the impact of our actions on the community and environment. We embrace our cultural heritage and have a responsible approach to all our stakeholders in the community. We utilise natural resources in a deliberated way, thereby sustaining life for future generations.

Performance: We are uncompromising in our professionalism and strive to be the best in everything that we do. We utilise our time, energy and resources to make a valuable contribution to our customers, colleagues and business partners.

AfriSam is a proud Level 2 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) contributor and have a 62.5 percent interest in Tanzania-based and listed Tanga Cement Company Limited.




  • Country: South Africa


Afrisam South Africa

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